SS Musicals service

All instruments need regular TLC. For the working musician, it helps keep the tools of your trade in top shape. For the amateur, our service will bring out the best tone possible from your guitar, bass, mandolin or banjo, and make it easier to play, to maximise your enjoyment from it.

SS Musicals repair

Broken headstock? Acoustic guitar body with a dent? Bring it to us, no problem, and we'll hand it back as good as new. 
We also undertake all kinds of modification, whether you want different pickups, a new switching system, or even simply a new fretboard wood or paintjob. 

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The SS Custom Shop will build your dream guitar from scratch. We pick from the finest woods available and construct guitars that even notable musicians find are among the best they've owned or played. Whether it is a semi-hollow, double-neck, or an acoustic instrument, we can do it all.

SS Musicals has the expertise to work on any type of guitar or bass, and to conduct everything from a regular service to a full-scale repair job for a broken neck. SS Musicals has a lot of experience with all brands of guitars, and the kinds of construction. For a full list of brands we are equipped to deal with, please click here.

We are also well equipped to deal with any kind of electric guitar, from 6 to 12 strings, 6-12 string acoustic guitars, and electric bass guitars with 4 to 6 strings. Hollow body, semi hollow, solid body with either a bolt-on neck or a neck-through construction, multiscale construction with fanned frets, active and passive pickups, the many different ways of wiring a switching system… we have a lot of experience with every single type of guitar or bass.

The SS Custom Shop will construct a custom acoustic or electric guitar, or an electric bass, to your exacting specifications. The finest woods and construction are coupled with the decades of experience that SS Musicals offers from master builder Sunil Shinde to bring your dream guitar or bass to life. Yes, we accept international orders, too!

We also service and repair mandolins and banjos of all kinds, besides our core competency of guitars and bass.

  • Intonation setting

  • Fret dressing

  • Fret levelling

  • Neck warp correction

  • Bridge height adjustment (including Floyd Rose, Kahler, Schaller, Bigsby, etc)

  • Pickup pole piece adjustment

  • Cleaning and servicing of wiring, including solders and pots

  • Redoing the wiring as per customer’s schematic

  • Installation of aftermarket pickups (both active and passive)

  • Installation of Kill Pot, push-pull pots for coil split/coil tap

  • Installation of aftermarket tuning pegs/nut/bridge/pickups

  • Installation of new frets (either brass or steel)

  • Repair of broken neck

  • Reinstallation of separated bridge

  • Installation of pickup on acoustic guitar/mandolin/banjo

  • Painting – restoration, refinishing, or installing a new paint scheme

  • Construction of custom guitars and basses as per customer’s specifications. (SS Custom Shop)